Hurricane Fiona Response and Recovery

Help and support updates


UPDATE: IRSA's phone lines and email service have been restored and its offices are open to the public as of Monday, October 3rd. The Government of Prince Edward Island is rolling out various programs to help Islanders impacted by hurricane Fiona. Check back for updates - we will add information to this post as it becomes available.

General information

PEI Government — Storm response

Programs and support

  • Warm up, charge your devices — There are reception centres across Prince Edward Island open to help Islanders during the extended power outage. Note that the centres are closing as power is restored. These centres serve as warming places, they provide electricity to charge your devices, some offer shower facilities, and in some places free hot beverages and meals are served by community volunteers. List of reception centres
  • Get help cleaning up your property — Islanders who need help cutting fallen trees on their property or moving large debris curbside because it is a safety hazard can request to have their name put on a list for assistance. The debris removal will start once the demand for road clearing and clean-up efforts has reduced. Call, email or fill out a web form
  • Register with Red Cross for financial assistance — The Canadian Red Cross is encouraging people impacted by hurricane Fiona to register by calling 1-800-863-6582 between 8am and 8pm ADT or online. Each impacted household will get $250. More information | Online registration | PEI Government news release
  • Get one-time financial assistance if you are on a social assistance program — individuals or households who are already recipients of provincial social assistance programs will get $150. More information
  • Get a one-time grocery card if you are a senior — a $100 one-time grocery card will be given to any household including a member over the age of 65. More information
  • Get financial assistance to replace or repair lost or damaged property — The Provincial Disaster Financial Assistance Program (PDFAP) is available to help individuals and families with costs to repair or replace uninsurable, essential basic property loss due to disasters. The program is also available to small businesses. More information

Listen to radio stations for updates

  • CBC Radio (96.1, 104.7)
  • MBS Radio (CFCY 95.1, Q93, Spud 102)
  • Stingray Radio (Ocean 100, Hot 105.5)
  • Radio-Canada 88.1

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