EAL Volunteer Tutoring Program

Immigrant & Refugee Services Association PEI and the Confederation Centre Public Library partner to provide an English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) Volunteer Tutoring Program to help adult newcomers practice English. School-aged children have access to EAL tutoring within the school system.

To become a volunteer with the EAL Volunteer Tutoring Program, you have to go through the following steps:

  • Attend a tutor information session
  • Complete in-class or online tutor training course (4 sessions: 12 hours)
  • Submit two personal references, a criminal record check (free of charge), and a signed confidentiality agreement form

Your commitment as a volunteer tutor:

  • Complete our tutor training course
  • Provide EAL tutoring to an adult learner two hours per week
  • Plan lessons and activities for your learner
  • Keep records of your learner's progress
  • Check in with the EAL Volunteer Tutor Program coordinator

IRSA's commitment to volunteer tutors:


We provide a free twelve-hour tutor training course that covers:

  • Your free tutor training manual
  • How to effectively tutor EAL learners
  • Understanding and respecting cultural differences
  • Lesson planning and goal setting
  • Learner assessment methods


  • Qualified staff available for consultation
  • A collection of teaching materials
  • An annual tutor forum
  • Monthly EAL newsletters
  • Annual volunteer recognition
  • Invitations to free social and integration events

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor, please contact the program coordinator.

Look for contact information on the right side of the page

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프로그램 팀

Jordana Birt

Jordana Birt
Community Connections Program Coordinator

(902) 628-6009 ext. 235

Sayaka Takizawa

Sayaka Takizawa
EAL Tutor Program Coordinator

(902) 628-6009 ext. 240

Suna Houghton

Suna Houghton
Canada Connects Program Coordinator / Volunteer Coordinator

(902) 628-6009 ext. 223

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