Social activities for newcomers and established Island residents

Women's Group

The Women's Group allows immigrant women to socialize, make friends, practice language skills, and learn more about Canadian culture and other cultures. Women who work or volunteer with IRSA host the group's gatherings, aiming to introduce newcomers to community resources and established Canadian women who can become essential contacts or friends. Activities include potluck meals, health and fitness activities (dance, hiking, kayaking), cooking, performances, clothing drives and giveaways, discussion groups, gardening, and seasonal celebrations. Each year, the group is actively involved with the organizing committee of International Women's Day events in PEI.

Men's Group

The Men's Group focuses on bringing immigrant and established Island men together for informal relationship-building and social activities. The activities may include sporting events or socializing over coffee, for example. Each event is organized and attended by men who work or volunteer with IRSA. Participants meet their peers — newcomers and established Islanders — and share their experiences and interests. It is also an opportunity to network and practice English language skills.

Seniors' Social Integration Program

The Seniors' Social Integration Program addresses the challenge of isolation and promotes social participation for immigrant seniors (50+) by connecting them with Canadian seniors. Through hands-on workshops and other group activities, seniors exchange cultural knowledge, learn skills and make lasting social connections. The program allows participants to practice the English language in a safe and supported atmosphere, and learn skills that help ease their adaptation to the new country and culture. Established Canadians of 50+ years of age benefit from being immersed in a culturally diverse peer group. Activities include visual arts, dancing, cooking, crafts-making, story-telling, photography, financial literacy, stress management techniques, and so on. IRSA has established a robust partnership with the Seniors Active Living Centre which recruits seniors from the established host community and invites newcomer seniors to join in their programming.

Friday Friendship Hour Program

Friday Friendship Hour is an hour-long get-together held most Fridays between November and May at various locations, frequently an immigrant entrepreneur's business, a café or a restaurant, to provide networking opportunities. It is a chance for participants to meet and enjoy chatting and getting to know one another over some light refreshments. Music and other activities are sometimes a part of the mix, and the atmosphere is informal and focused on socializing and making connections within the community. Whether you just immigrated, were born here, or moved from another province, you are welcome to come and make some new connections at this relaxed and informal event.

Other social participation programming

IRSA organizes many other social participation activities that connect newcomers and established Islanders. An invitation to get out of the house and socialize in a low-pressure welcoming setting that can accommodate participants with lower levels of English, particularly during Canadian winters, is a significant help for newcomers experiencing isolation. Community partners also invite the participation of newcomers in activities and events that may include curling, basketball or hockey games, theatre, festivals, skiing, snowshoeing, and so on.

If you want to join any of these groups and activities, learn more about upcoming events, or find out more information, contact us or follow us on social media.

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