Employment Assistance Service for Newcomers

Employment Counselling

The Employment Assistance Service (EAS) works collaboratively with other IRSA departments (Community Connections Program, Newcomer Settlement Services, Cultural Inclusion Training, Youth Settlement Services, and the Community Engagement Team) to provide an integrated, wrap-around employment service tailored to meet the specific barriers faced by newcomers to Canada.

If you are a newcomer to Canada, after you arrive on PEI and have registered with IRSA, you can make an appointment to meet with an EAS Employment Specialist for support when considering your career options. The Employment Specialist will begin by asking you questions about your education, previous work experience, skills, and qualifications.

EAS helps you become an independent job seeker by:

  • Assisting you to identify career options in Canada
  • Supporting you to set short-term and long-term career goals
  • Developing your professional, Canadian-style resume and cover letter template
  • Explaining the route for you to become licensed in your chosen profession
  • Helping you research alternative careers in your chosen field
  • Identifying options for continuing post-secondary education or certification
  • Connecting you with professional associations or other useful organizations for networking
  • Gathering information for you about the labour market in your career choice
  • Teaching you how to job search in Canada
  • Referring self-employment inquiries to the appropriate PEI resources
  • Identifying volunteer opportunities for you to gain valuable Canadian work experience
  • Connecting you with potential employers
  • Assisting you to reach your employment goals by providing ongoing counselling and coaching
  • Locating career skills building opportunities
  • Assisting you to apply for available government wage subsidy programs
  • Referring you to other programs and services as needed

Pathways to Licensure

If you are a newcomer with previous work experience in a regulated occupation, you will need a license, certificate, or registration to practice in your profession on PEI. Your Employment Specialist will help you understand the pathway to employment for your occupation. Here are some professions that are regulated in PEI (not all are listed here):

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Dentists
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Skilled Trades
  • Teachers
  • Truckers
  • Veterinarians

Any newcomer to Canada can register with the Employment Assistance Service if they are:

  • Living in Prince Edward Island, and
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

The Employment Assistance Service (EAS) has been assisting newcomers to Canada to find employment since 1995.

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Employment Programs Team

Amy MacLean

Amy MacLean
Manager, Employment Services

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Employment Specialist

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Hannah Jones
Employment Specialist

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David Harper
Program Officer, AICLF


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Jordana Birt
Employment Specialist

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Lisa Chaisson
Employment Specialist

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Chris Palmer
Employment Specialist

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