Cultural Inclusion Training

The Cultural Inclusion Training (CIT) Program focuses on the areas of cultural diversity education, inclusion, and combating racism. CIT is a leader in this education in the province of Prince Edward Island. The purpose of the Program is to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive community by combating stereotypes, bias, and discrimination.

The Program provides workshops and presentations to the community at large, tailored to the length of time and to the subject matter requested. By working with government representatives, businesses, teachers, students, and community organizations, CIT assists in easing the cultural transition of newcomers into Island workplaces and communities.

What CIT does:

  • Develops and delivers appropriate presentations and workshops to workplaces and community groups on anti-racism, cultural diversity, and equity
  • Assists professionals in government departments, businesses, and community organizations to understand issues related to cultural inclusion
  • Works with newcomers to Canada to assist them in developing presentations on their home country and culture tailored for Island audiences