Canada Connects— An inclusion program for newcomers

What is the Canada Connects program?

Canada Connects program for newcomers to Canada introduces newcomers to a volunteer – a partner who is well-established in the Prince Edward Island community. It is designed to create opportunities for broader integration of new immigrants, primarily those who arrive as refugees, and to help them adjust to living in PEI and make connections. The program helps newcomers learn about Island cultural norms and expectations, and develop language skills in an informal setting. It also explores other opportunities in which newcomers may be interested with help from a volunteer person, couple, or family.

Immigrants come to our country every year to build a new life for themselves and their families. They come from different backgrounds, cultures, and situations. Coming to a new environment, they are facing many challenges. Canada Connects volunteers help new immigrants feel welcome in their new community by spending time together, discussing various aspects of life in PEI and making connections with individuals, groups and organizations in the community.

Canada Connects volunteers are carefully matched with newcomers, based on similar interests or professions, and a variety of other factors.

Canada Connects volunteers

As a Canada Connects Volunteer, you become a guide to life in your community. It's an exciting chance for you or your whole family to meet new people and see your own community from a different perspective.

What do Canada Connects volunteers do?

We ask you only for your time, to spend two to four hours a week with your partner for a period of two to four months, offering:

  • Information on Canadian customs, culture and society
  • Insights into life on PEI
  • Leisure time together
  • Moral support
  • An opportunity to practice English or French in an informal setting
  • A chance to attend fun free events organized by IRSA

Canada Connects volunteers are not expected to provide:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Financial support

What's in it for you?

Becoming a Canada Connects volunteer will give you an opportunity to gain new knowledge and appreciation of:

  • Other cultures
  • Other countries and nations
  • Human resourcefulness and perseverance
  • Our community through a fresh set of eyes