Become an Interpreter / Translator

IRSA needs interpreters and translators to provide services to newcomers who cannot communicate in English. To see more details on how these services work, go to Interpretation and Translation Services page.

In order to become an interpreter and/or translator with the IRSA, a candidate needs to:

  • Be fluent in English and another language or other languages
  • Live in Prince Edward Island
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Be willing to undergo a training

If you are interested in working as an interpreter or a translator, please contact the IRSA staff member who is in charge of training.

Look for contact information on the right side of the page

Guide for Newcomers: Adult Education
Sameh Elgharib

Sameh Elgharib
Housing Coordinator

(902) 628-6009 ext. 237

Kaylea McDonald

Kaylea McDonald
Settlement Worker

(902) 628-6009 ext. 241