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Community Groups and Organizations

Leisure is an important part of life. It is something that people of all ages need and deserve. Besides spending time in the circle of your family and friends, engaging in a physical activity or attending entertainment events, there are other ways to relax and enjoy life when you are not working, going to school or running the daily errands. You do not need to be a professional or even good at an activity to participate in it recreationally -- just enjoy it!

In PEI people often form groups around a hobby, a game or a common interest. Joining such a group can enrich your life and help you expand your social circle. It can also help you learn English and develop new skills. These groups are sometimes informal, and sometimes they are more formally structured with regular meetings a board of directors. When a group is organized, there is often a small membership fee to cover the costs of the group's operations.

Because these groups operate with no money, or on minimal budgets, their activities may not be widely advertised. To find community groups and organizations in your area:

  • look for notices in your local newspaper and bulletin boards
  • check at your local community centre or library
  • look for information on social networking websites
  • ask people you know if they know of a group that shares an interest you might have

Community Connections through the PEIANC

The PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada recognizes the importance and value of social integration of newcomers settling on the Island. Through several programs and groups, the Association helps new immigrants feel welcome in their new community by expanding and enhancing their social circles. [See Related Resources]

Canada Connects Program

Canada Connects is part of the Association's Community Connections Program, and it matches volunteers from the community with newcomer families and individuals based on common interests. The volunteers meet their matches for activities they would normally do within their social and professional circles, on regular basis and for a set period of time. Relationships started through this program often develop into true and long-lasting friendships.

The Program also organizes seasonal events, where all volunteers and newcomers involved get together for a large group activity, like a beach day in the summer, a family sporting event in the spring or fall, or skiing in the winter.

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