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Internet and Email

Computers are an integral part of our everyday lives. Most people use the Internet, email and other forms of electronic communication for both work and personal purposes. Everyone should have at least the basic knowledge of how to use the Internet and email.

Internet Services

In PEI there are several types of Internet connection services available, mainly provided by two companies - Eastlink and Bell Aliant.

Information technologies are developing and changing at a great speed, and so do Internet services. Check out the service providers' websites for the latest information on the types of services they provide, the pricing, and the availability in your area. While most of Prince Edward Island is covered with Internet access, there still may be some rural areas where only selected services are available. [See Related Resources]

Free Internet Access

Many public places let you access wi-fi networks at no charge -- wireless Internet access available to anybody at the location who wants to use a device with built-in or attached wireless Internet connectivity. Sometimes you have to provide an email address and agree to terms of service before accessing the Internet.

Some public places have computers with Internet service that you can use for free -- for example, the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada has computers with Internet access available to their clients. You can also use a computer with Internet service at most public libraries.

[See Related Resources]


Communication via email has practically replaced the regular postal services or 'snail mail'. Email is the fastest and least expensive way to exchange written messages.

Most people have a personal email address. You can sign up for a free email address on the Internet. [See Related Resources]

Other Ways to Communicate via the Internet

Here are some other ways to communicate with people near and far using the Internet:

  • Internet telephony -- Voice or telephone communication via the Internet is quite popular. Internet calls are cheaper, or sometimes free (if both parties use the same service).
  • Instant messaging -- Many companies provide free instant messaging services. While instant messaging is mostly used for the exchange of short text messages, many of these services also offer audio and video communication and exchange of computer files.
  • Social networks -- Online social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook provide yet another way to keep in touch with family, friends, or people with whom you share common interests.

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