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A bicycle is a cheap, healthy and environment-friendly way to travel. Bicycles can be bought at a department store or a sports store. You can also buy a used bicycle through classified ads in the newspapers or on the Internet. Bike shops offer bicycles to buy or rent as well. If you want to rent a bicycle, look in the Yellow Pages or do an Internet search using keywords 'PEI bicycle rental'. [See Related Resources]

Cycling Rules

Cyclists must follow the same road rules as cars. You should not ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. Refer to the PEI Driver's Handbook for detailed information on rules of riding a bicycle (Chapter 6: Bicycles). [See Related Resources]

Riding a Bicycle on the Island

Partly because of long and cold winters, and perhaps for lack of tradition, bicycle riding is not overly popular in PEI for everyday transportation. There is also a lack of facilities such as bicycle lanes and parking racks. However, more and more people in PEI are taking up cycling as the transportation of choice -- for transportation, keeping fit, recreation, and to help conserve energy and reduce environmental pollution.

Cities like Charlottetown are recognizing this trend, and are starting to include cycling facilities in their infrastructure development plans.

Tourism PEI also promotes cycling as a vacation activity. Both local and visiting cyclists like to use the Confederation Trail for scenic rides in the summer.

Cycling PEI

Cycling PEI (CPEI) is the official organization for bicycling in the province, with active youth, recreational and competitive biking programs. CPEI covers a wide range of disciplines, including mountain biking, BMX, road, and track racing. Check out the CPEI website calendar for upcoming recreational and other events. [See Related Resources]

During the summer months, CPEI typically hires several people to work with programs, but volunteers play a dominant role in the organization. If you wish to volunteer, contact CPEI. 

CPEI does not loan out bicycles but sometimes has them available for use on certain days of the week. This is a good way for those looking to buy or rent a bicycle to discover which type best suits their needs.

For those who cannot see well enough to ride a bicycle, CPEI has a program that matches experienced riders on tandem (two-seated) bicycles with visually impaired people who want to get aerobic exercise.

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