Online Guide for Newcomers to Prince Edward Island, Canada

Utilities and Services

There are a number of utilities or services that you can have in your new home in PEI. Some of them are essential, like water, heat and electricity, and some are not. Utilities and services include:


The company delivering electricity in PEI is Maritime Electric. When you buy or rent a home, you need to set up an account with Maritime Electric. You can visit their office or call them. First-time customers usually have to pay a security deposit and connection fee for the electrical service. The deposit is returned after a certain period of time if bills are paid regularly on time.

The amount you pay for electricity each month depends on how much you consume.

Sometimes the electricity may shut off due to stormy weather conditions, but very rarely and usually only for a short time.

Heat and Hot Water

In PEI there are different ways to heat your home:

  • Oil Furnace: If you own your home, or if you are renting a house and the heat is not included in your rent, you will have to find an oil company which will make regular oil deliveries to your home. If you are renting an apartment in a building heated with an oil furnace, the heat is usually included in your rent.
  • Electricity: If you use electric heat, your heating cost will be included in your electricity bill. If you are renting, this is usually not included in your rent.
  • Wood Stove: Some people install wood stoves to heat their homes and hot water. You must have an approved stove that is installed properly if you want to be covered by homeowners insurance.
  • Propane Stove or Heater: Some people use propane stoves or heaters to cut back on oil or electrical heat consumption. Propane stoves or heaters must be installed properly and approved if you want to be covered by homeowners insurance.

In PEI, the most common way to heat hot water is as part of the home heating system, regardless of the system type. The cost will be included in your rent if heating is included.

Water and Sewer

House owners must have an account with the municipal water and sewer utility in their city or town in order to get water and sewer services. If your house is in the country, outside cities or towns, it may have to have its own well and septic system. If you are renting a house, your landlord, the property owner is responsible for the cost of water and sewer services, and this is included in your rent.


Most households in Canada have a landline telephone. You need to set up an account with a telephone company, whether you own or rent a home. Telephone service is never included in your rent.

Internet Service

Many people in PEI have Internet service in their homes. It is useful for information, entertainment, keeping in touch with friends and family, and looking for a job. If you have a computer and want to connect to the Internet, you need an account with an Internet service provider.

Cable or Satellite Television

Most people in Canada own a television set. You may be able to receive two or three channels for free using a small antenna sitting on your television. To get more channels you need an account with a cable or satellite TV service.

Energy Star
If buying new appliances, look for an Energy Star label. It is the international symbol for best energy efficiency.

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