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Permanent Resident Card

Permanent resident card

Your Permanent Resident Card (PR card) is the official proof of your permanent resident status in Canada. When travelling abroad you will need it to re-enter Canada if you are travelling by a commercial vehicle — a plane, train, bus or a boat. If you are travelling in a private vehicle, there are other documents you can use to re-enter Canada.

Your PR card needs to be valid when you present it. Most new PR cards are valid for five years. If your card expires or is lost, destroyed or stolen, your PR status will not change, but you will have to apply for a new PR card.

Replace a lost, stolen or destroyed PR card

Before you apply for a replacement PR card, you need to inform the authorities about what happened.

If you are outside Canada

Go to the nearest visa office and apply for a permanent resident travel document to be able to return to Canada. A travel document is normally only valid for a single entry. After you arrive, apply for the PR card.

If you are inside Canada

Report what happened by using the immigration web form. To complete the form:

  1. Choose 'Tell us more' then answer 'No' and 'Go to Web form'
  2. Choose 'Permanent resident card' and 'Renewal and replacement'
  3. Fill in your details.

Then proceed with your application. [See Related Resources]

Applying for a PR card

If you are a new permanent resident you do not need to apply for a PR card. To get it, you have to send your Canadian mailing address to the authorities within 180 days after immigrating, and the card will be mailed to you. If you do not send your address within that time you have to apply for your card, and pay a processing fee.

You should only apply for a PR card if you have the permanent resident status in Canada, you are inside Canada, and:

  • you did not receive your PR card within 180 days of immigrating to Canada;
  • your PR card is expired or will expire in less than nine months;
  • your PR card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed; or
  • you legally changed your name and need to update your PR card.

Complete the following steps to get your first PR card, renew an expired card, or replace your lost or stolen card:

  1. Get a PR card application package
  2. Read the guide and complete the application form
  3. Attach the necessary documents to your application
  4. Pay the fee online and print the receipt
  5. Mail your application form and documents

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